Essential Tournament Gear

You meet all sorts of ultimate frisbee players during tournaments, each with not only their own playing style, but also their own personal style. Some deck themselves out with every piece of equipment they can find, while others take a more minimalist approach.

Here is a short run-down of the most important Ultimate gear for tournaments.

1. Cleats

To get to top speed and manage all those turns and pivots, well fitting cleats are key. Some players like the high-top version for additional ankle support.

2. Water Bottle

"If you haven't gone to the bathroom yet then you haven't drank enough water!" My captain would always yell at us during tournaments. The larger the bottle, the better. Nalgenes adorned with tournament stickers are usually a popular choice. In many tropical South East Asian tournaments, large 20-liter coolers are often seen on the sidelines, and they double up as seats!

3. Team Jersey

Self explanatory of course! Also great to have when you want to trade jerseys after tournaments.

4. Sun Screen

Not exactly "gear", but still a must have item. Being burnt is no fun, especially if your boss thought you were home sick. Bonus points for bringing enough to share.

5. Snacks

Blood sugar levels dip during tournaments. To maintain peak performance, it's best to keep some snacks handy. Teammates who bring a whole bag full of mixed nuts and gummies? MVPs.

6. Gear bag

Whatever gear you bring to a tourney, you're gonna need a bag to carry it all. Why not get one that keeps it all organized, easy to access, and comfy to carry?

What's in your tournament bag? Let us know in the comments!