A disc, a pair of cleats, and a greatest bag

What gear do you need to play the sport we love? Aside from a disc to throw and cleats to cut, the very next thing you need, according to Ultimate Frisbee HQ, is a Greatest Ultimate Bag.

Park shot 4.JPG

What makes the Greatest Bag a key part your ultimate gear big 3? Features upon features! 

This bag can fit up to two pairs of cleats and can carry two discs in specifically designed compartments. The cool part is this bag has multiple compartments like one for smelly cleats and clothes separated by an oder-control barrier for your clean clothes, brilliant. The Ultimate bag also has a built in cooler-compartment for drinks or ice packs. My favorite feature is the fact that it has a small compartment with a hard case for your phone so nothing rubs up against it, that just goes to show they thought of everything.
Bag feature revised 7-29.jpg

Take a look at the rest of the top 10, then complete the trifecta and get your Greatest Ultimate Bag now!

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