Is the bag waterproof?

The bag is water resistant but, like any bag with zippers, not entirely waterproof. In light rain it should keep your gear dry. In heavier rain, or if you want more protection for sensitive gear, we included a rain fly. It can cover the bag in backpack or duffel mode, whether it's on your back or on the sideline.Check this article here about the difference betweedn Waterproof and Water resistant

You can see a video of the folks at ultiworld dumping a whole lot of water on their Greatest Bag, along with their in-depth review of the 1st generation bag, here.

I'm buying a Honey Pass or 7 on the line. Can I choose different colored bags?

Sure! We'll contact you to get your color choices, and you're free to select whatever mix of bags you like.

What are the bag's dimensions? Does it meet carry on luggage restrictions?

The 60 Liter bag's dimensions are 23.6 x 11.8 x 10.6in / 60 x 30 x 27cm, which is slightly smaller than another popular 60L choice (23.5 x 13 x 11in), and in line with the carry on requirements for many (but not all) airlines. We've personally carried the bag onto flights on Jetstar, Hawaiian Airlines, Scoot, Cebu Pacific and several other airlines with no issues, and have pro players in North America carrying them on planes to and from away games, again without issue.

You can see the limits by airline here, but if you have a specific airline that you fly often, we recommend you check the carry on restrictions on their websites directly to avoid any surprises.

Are taxes included? Can you under declare the value of the bags to avoid VAT charges?

Taxes are not included, and depending on the rules where you live you may be charged VAT or other customs duties when the bag(s) arrives. Unfortunately under declaring the bag value could result in seizure of the bag or other penalties, so we cannot do that.

We've shipped more than a thousand bags to dozens of countries, and the vast majority arrived smoothly and on time. Should your shipment have any issues we'll do our best to help.

What is the bag's warranty policy?

We stand behind the design and craftmanship of all Greatest products. Please see our warranty page for details.

When can I receive my sexy a$$ bag(s)??

International shipping from Hong Kong should take 14-21 business days, but may take longer to some locations. We'll give you the shipment tracking info so you can follow it's progress, and do everything we can to get your bag onto your sideline ASAP.

Can I get a discount? What if I already ordered the bag and now they're on sale?

Discounts are always available to buyers who band together with friends and purchase bundles of 2 or 7 bags. For really big discounts, contact us here about team orders of 20 or more bags.

From time to time we may offer other promotions or discounts, but unfortunately they cannot be extended or applied retroactively to earlier purchases.

What's the best way to clean the bag? How can I get rid of that smell?!

To remove dirt from the bag's exterior or interior, we recommend wiping it with a damp washcloth.

To keep the bag smelling fresh, when not in use put the open bag somewhere with good air circulation to let it air out naturally. For more serious odors, put a dryer sheet or charcoal odor absorber (like you would put in your refrigerator) inside the closed bag and leave it for a day or two. If that doesn't work you may want to try wiping the inside of the bag with a damp cloth, or use a spray deodorizer like Fabreze.

Please take care when trying any of these methods, and test on a small area of material first to make sure there is no adverse affect.

To prevent future odor build up, minmize the amount of time dirty/smelly clothes or shoes are kept in a closed bag.

Do you deliver to my country/city?

Yes we do! We're happy to say we've sent bags to 40 countries on every continent, and the list gets longer every day. If you have an address, we'll find a way to get your Greatest Ultimate Bags to you!