Perfect Score, From the Ultimate Experts

It’s not every day that the folks at give out a perfect score. In fact they’d never given one before - until they got their hands on the 45-liter Greatest Ultimate Bag.

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There is not a single inch of this bag that doesn’t do something cool. Everything has a purpose and every feature I used at some point without even knowing I needed it.

And just what are those features?

  • Elastic bands on top to perfectly holds discs and/or cleats

  • Inner pocket on main flap for toiletries

  • A good sized duffle area for clothes, that one was a given

  • A ventilated cleat pocket that is completely waterproof to the inside of the bag

  • A side pocket that is very insulated to keep drinks cold, also waterproof to the inside of the bag

  • A side pocket for more stuff, which also comes with a free re-usable ice pouch for injuries or cooling off.

This is probably the point at which I’d say, Great! This bag is phenomenal and I would definitely buy one. But no, there is more.

  • A main front pocket with a whole mess of stuff (second picture)

    • A hard case area to protect your phone

    • Multiple zippered pockets for god knows what

    • Elastic to hold pens, pockets to hold money, a string with a hook to hold your student ID.

  • A full zipper on the bottom of the bag unveils a padded backpack option, the flap then rolls nicely to be hooked up top OR the flap can be used to sit on on wet ground (third picture)

  • Another small zipper unveils a completely waterproof cover that fits snug over the entire bag in poor weather (fourth picture)

  • The bag can be carried in backpack style, duffle style with the two handles on top, OR over your shoulder with an included strap. 

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The Greatest Ultimate Frisbee 45-liter duffle bag is the first product on the HQ to receive a perfect score, a solid 5 out of 5. It does not, and can not, get better than this ladies and gentlemen. I whole-heartedly recommend this bag to every single Ultimate player.
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Read the full review at Ultimate Frisbee HQ, and pick up your Greatest Ultimate Bag today!