It's back, and Greater than ever!

After a very successful 1st round - more than 1100 bags shipped to backers in 37 countries, on 5 continents - we're proud to announce round 2!

Based on your feedback we've made some small improvements to the bag's form and function, and are even adding a new color, for you bad boys and girls of ultimate - Glossy Black + Sleek Grey.

So once again, thank you to all of you, around the world - pick up huckers to Worlds reps, rec league all stars to AUDL champs - for helping us to bring this project to life!

It's Beau-tiful

It's Beau-tiful

For those of you who've been asking "Where can I get that bag??!", you can pre-order here for August shipment.

Drop us a line at or on social media using the buttons below, with any questions, inquiries for team orders, or just to say hi.

And tag us in your shots at WCBU!

Roldy and Dave