Ice Ice, Baby

I always tell my ultimate friends, "It's not a successful tournament if you don't limp home!" If you can relate, you probably also had to wait until you got to your fridge to start icing those injuries.

None of the other bags we've used over the years did anything to handle those post-tournament aches and pains, or to keep us cool between points, so when we designed the Greatest Bag we knew we had to come up with something totally new.

Introducing the Greatest Bag's Ice Bag and Cooler Compartment!

The Cooler Compartment is insulated and water resistant, and designed to hold not only the Ice Bag - included at no extra charge with every Greatest Ultimate Bag! - but also any other cold drinks or snacks that you want to keep chilly.

Because even if you're not as injury prone as we are, you still gotta stay cool and hydrated, right?

Ice Ice, baby too cold...