Laying out at the Hong Kong Beach Hat 2015

Laying out at the Hong Kong Beach Hat 2015

Roldy "High release" Lo

Founder // project management

Born and raised in China, Roldy first experienced the joys of Ultimate in Nanjing University when he chanced upon some exchange students playing on the field. His interest in the sport grew and when he was in Kunming after graduation he helped to develop the Ultimate scene there before moving to South China.

He currently trains in Hong Kong and is working on his left handed throws.

Top of the rock in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Top of the rock in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Dave "porkbuns" Learn

Founder // operations

Dave spends most of his spare time traveling and playing ultimate. He's played in dozens of countries, on 4 continents, from joining a team for a month in Buenos Aires, to pick up in the park in India, from China Nationals in Beijing to First Night of Flight back in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

One thing has never changed: his stubborn insistence on sending push passes to the end zone. 



Celine "hammer bomb" Binder

Founder // marketing

Former rising soccer star in Singapore, Celine moved to China only to find and fall in love with Ulitmate and the community. Her first tournament was played in a Pikachu onesie.

She's currently based in San Francisco, California, and is excited to play some Ultimate in North America.

No pain no game

No pain no game

Paul "Blood & GUTS" Bartels

Founder // strategy

After starting out playing at his high school's Spring Fever Festival and later for Dartmouth College, Paul has been playing Ultimate in Asia for over 20 years. He plays hard and lays out for the disc... some of the time it's not gratuitous.

Has never been part of a successful Greatest play but vows not to retire until he does.