Ultimate Summer

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There’s been monsoon rains and baking heat, often one right after the other, but around the world, it’s been a brilliant summer of Ultimate frisbee .

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The best young Ultimate players from around the world turned out for WU24 in Heidelberg, where the USA made it a clean sweep (again).

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And the best teams from around Asia and Oceania turned out for beach Ultimate at AOBUC in Shirahama, Japan, and grass Ultimate a month later in Shanghai.

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As usual, the Japanese Flying Disc Federation and Ultimate Pilipinas made big showings, nabbing 3 championships each over the two tournaments.

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And as the Official Bag Supplier of the WFDF, the Greatest Ultimate Bag team was on hand for both.

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Back in New York and around the US, the summer Ultimate tournaments continue rolling.

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Whichever tournaments you’re hitting, be sure to keep an eye out for the Greatest, and catch yours!

Greatest does WU24


It was a blast seeing everyone out at Asia Oceania Beach Ultimate Championships in Shirahama, last month! Thanks for coming by the booth to pick up your Greatest Ultimate Bags, Greatest Icebags and stickers.

Come out and see us at World Under 24 Ultimate Championships too. We’ll have all 6 of the latest Greatest Ultimate Bag colors on offer at the Universe Point booth. See you there!


An Ultimate Birthday!

Happy belated 50th birthday, USA Ultimate!


From a group of friends at Columbia High School, in Maplewood, New Jersey to passionate Ultimate addicts in hundreds of countries around the world, Ultimate has come a long way. We can’t wait to see where the next 50 years take it!

For more on the history of Ultimate, read and watch the excellent post our friends at Ultimate Frisbee HQ have put together, including a timeline of the earliest Ultimate associations launched around the world. You’ll never guess which country had the 1st association, and it wasn’t in North America!

You can also watch the excellent documentary Flatball: A History of Ultimate. on Amazon or Netflix.. Or, for an even more in depth look at the players and teams that built the sport over the last half-century, read ULTIMATE–The First Five Decades, a 2-volume book from the folks at

And check out the moving tribute from some of the game’s best, oldest and newest players below.

Here’s to Ultimate!