With the Kickstarter campaign just over a day ago, we just want to tell our backers that you guys are awesome and thank you for making the campaign a huge success!

Now that the campaign has ended, we are getting ready to roll up our sleeves for manufacturing. But before we do that, we'll need everyone to complete their surveys sent out yesterday. For all the buddy packs, do ask your friends which colors they would like before completing the survey. :)



Missed out? It's okay, we're listed on Indiegogo's InDemand platform to take pre-orders while manufacturing is on going. So tell all your friends who missed out!

Click the image to visit our Indiegogo page!

Click the image to visit our Indiegogo page!


Thank you to our first (and only) sticker submission by Damien Laude! He designed three beautiful stickers that we will be giving away with each Greatest Bag!

Stay tuned for more updates..

3, 2, 1, Ultimate!