Kickstarter Launched!

Our Kickstarter has officially launched a couple of days ago!

Thanks to everyone's overwhelming support, we've had our super early bird deals sell out within minutes, early bird deals sell out within the hour and have been fully funded 400% over!

To thank everyone for their support, we've added a new reward tier for buying 20 bags as a team and enjoying shipping savings, as well as NEW STRETCH GOALS!

Due to the high level of interest from teams, we've added another reward tier - the Clique League. Now you can back as a team and be rewarded with 20 Greatest Bags, 20 Greatest Ice Bags, and some ridiculous shipping cost savings.

But with all those sexy bags on your sideline, how to find yours??

Fear not, we're ALSO adding some stretch goals to help keep you sorted. 50K is right around the corner and if we get there, we're gonna use some of that extra cash to spring for a 3rd batch of zippers and disc bungees - neon blue! The neon blue option can be chosen with either the Glossy Black material or Matte Blue bag material.


That will give you twice as many gorgeous Greatest Bag color options to choose from, and will be available for all bag tier backers, at no extra backing cost! So that means even if you had already pledged your support, the neon blue option will also be available for you to choose from.

We also have two more stretch goals- at $60K and $70K. We know that some of you have request for a shoulder bag, so we will redesign the bag a little to fit an enforced shoulder strap.  HOLY STRAP! So spread the word and tell your friends to get their Greatest Bag!

Thank you!!