Photo credit: Get Horizontal 

If you followed the WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships in Wroclaw over the past two weeks, you may have noticed the Canadian Women's team absolutely kicking butt.

They breezed through their first 9 games, holding opponents such as Germany, France, and Colombia to single digit scores, and finished up with a fantastic 15 - 14 win over USA in the finals.

The Greatest Bag team was lucky to get to know one of the players, #6 Sara Mar, and have her bring a bag along on the trip to Worlds.

We also gifted all of her teammates with Greatest Ice Bags, and it's entirely possible that having these bags for keeping cool and icing injuries was the difference maker in that narrow win over the US team...  ;)

There’s a place for everything, it really helped me keep my brain organized! Cos’ when you’re at tournaments you’re tired and always distracted with time constraints. You need a bag with specific places for everything, so you don’t need to think to hard about where your stuff is.

- Sara Mar
Team Canada

We were delighted to have this chance to work with Sara and her teammates, and in a small way support women athletes. (especially Ultimate players!)

Congratulations Team Canada Women's U20!

- Celine