Discs on display

Sure the elastic disc holder is functional - never again will you show up to practice or a tourney with no disc, or have to reshape a bent disc that was jammed in your backpack, or leave your disc at the field because you thought it was inside your bag..

From now on, your disc, even two discs, will be cradled luxuriously on top of your bag, safe and sound.

But, more importantly, those prized team or tourney discs will be on proud display. Tell the world, "I'm an athlete. I'm an ultimate player. I spend the bulk of my spare time chasing a 175-gram piece of plastic around with my friends."

Wear it with pride.

The holder isn't just for discs either. The only limit is your imagination (or Roldy's Photoshop abilities)..

Who wouldn't love a piping hot, post-game pizza?

Or maybe you have a sweet tooth..

Or need to make it to practice in less than twelve parsecs..

Or just wanna get off the D-line with a gift for your Captain..

What are you gonna carry out there?